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Strapped for cash and curious, this straight guys tricked into sucking cock and fucking a tight boy-hole!

Straight Guys Tricked And Swallows Dick

Curious and cash-strapped straight guys tricked

There's a little twist in today's Straight Guys Tricked. The bait boy today is 19-year old bisexual Anthony. If there ever was a teen angel, Anthony's it: with his cute all-American looks, slim body, smooth skin and wicked smile - but his is all man, he loves to ride his motorcycle and fuck chicks. However, to Anthony, sex is sex and he can't get enough of it!

Anthony was perfect to pair with Grayson, a hot straight boy who wants to get into porn and being told that 'gay for pay' meant more bucks got him to admit that he's always been somewhat curious. Anthony takes charge from the start and goes right for the straight boy's dick, playing with it through his jeans - as it gets harder and longer through the thick material, Anthony gets more excited realizing that this hot lad has a big dick.

Anthony gets Grayson to strip down and you can see he's slender and defined with smooth skin, a tight muscled butt and a really big, thick, 9" dick, which Anthony wastes no time getting it into his mouth. Anthony chows on Grayson for a while before it's time to swap around. It might be Grayson's first time sucking cock, but he takes to it like the proverbial duck.

Now the straight guys tricked completely, it's time for some fucking. It is really hot to see Grayson inserting his full 9" into Anthony's tight butt. The boys fuck in various positions, ending up with Grayson jack-hammering Anthony's fuck-hole making both guys blow their nut. One straight guys tricked but two hot horny boys have a great fuck, check it out!. Having realized what he's been missing by not fucking guys, we hear that Grayson is on the hunt for his next conquest!!