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Straight Guys Tricked And Gets A Mouthful Of Cum

Straight guys tricked into fucking ass

Calvin is a straight-looking, hot gay boy who loves seeing straight guys tricked. He's cute, flirty and kinky, and perfect to take on straight-boy Hayden. Hayden is a well-built dude from Texas who gets his fabulous body from playing a lot of baseball.

Hayden's in the studio, stripped down, posing, watching porn, jacking his dick and waiting for the pussy to arrive when we give him the bad news - no girl, but we would pay him more for a little interaction with Calvin. He wasn't going for it until the money was upped considerably!

Calvin is all smiles - he just can't wait. He dives right in and before you know it, these two hot hunks are swopping blow-jobs and getting ready for a hot fuck. Calvin starts off sitting on Hayden's thick, juicy, big dick, literally jumping up and down on it as Calvin arches his back to penetrate him even deeper! Calvin is in heaven and it looks like Hayden is also. They continue to fuck with Hayden on top, screwing the ass of Calvin as he screams for more, harder and deeper!! Hayden does asked, at the same time rolling Calvin back until Calvin's dick is pointing towards his own mouth - no prizes for guessing what follows: as Hayden pounds Calvin ass, Calvin screams 'I'm gonna cum' and blows his big wad all over Hayden's lips and even into his mouth. Calvin, always the gentleman, takes our straight guys tricked dick and blows him to his blasting orgasm. Both boys get a mouthful of warm, creamy cum and you can get it all here! Hayden said he'd once tasted his own cum but never thought he'd ever taste another dudes - hey Hayden, what about sucking cock and fucking ass, or is there's something else you've got to admit?!!