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A married guy is the bait as this straight guys tricked into taking cock in his virgin ass!

Straight Guys Tricked And Fucked By Married Stud

Straight guys tricked and fucked by married stud

How this straight guys tricked was really easy; Trent was the bait and Roman was really pleased to be tricked. Trent is a married 26 year old, green eyed, muscle stud who oozes sex from every pore and Roman, the pool boy is a great looking 23 year old, blue eyed, blond hunk of muscle who was horny as hell and in desperate need of cash!

The money was quickly on the table and Roman agreed to do some posing and proceeding to mutual jacking. However, he couldn't stop looking at Trent's imposing muscular, smooth body and his throbbing hard cock. The mutual jacking soon became jacking each other off, Roman was getting hard feeling this guy's big pulsing cock, and the sensation of Trent's big, rough hand, working on his own cock. When Trent went down and sucked on his now rock hard cock, he nearly blew his load, but Trent has more that he still wanted to do, and trembling with fear and anticipation, Roman turned around and offered him his virgin ass.

Trent was gentle to begin with and Roman soon relaxed through the pain to feel the pleasure; Trent began to build the speed and pressure up until he was fucking him deep and hard. That did it for Trent and, pulling out, he shot his load all over Roman and straight into his mouth! You better keep your mouth closed as you check out how this straight guys tricked into getting his virgin ass fucked by a hot married guy. Roman so enjoyed himself that he said he was willing to give the money back for a second go!!