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Straight Guys Tricked Blog features hot hetero dudes duped into doing dirty deeds with gay guys!

Straight guys tricked by his best mate

Vic is the 'straight guys tricked' in this shoot. He's an exotic dancer at hen-parties and loves his job as he usually gets to fuck one or two of the girls! One of his fellow dancers is long time buddy, Hugo, who's a gorgeous, smooth-skinned, tall, muscled Latino stud with a huge thick dick. Hugo's told him of a porn studio where they can earn some extra cash - what he hasn't told him is that he does dudes and that he's really hot for Vic!! He's hidden it for years but is now ready to both come clean and make his sex dreams with Vic come true at the same time.

When the lads find out that the porn-girl isn't going to show, they're offered a lot more money to do a scene with each other. Vic was not happy about this at all - he is woman's man and never has had any ideas of fucking around with another guy - he even tells how uncomfortable he is back-stage with all the other naked guys before a show. However, as always, money talks and with Hugo saying he'd try and give it a go (!!) Vic is suckered in! He's not liking it at all - he says he'll go for a mutual jack but he'll never suck a cock and there's no way in the world a dick's going near his ass!! However, for the right money, if Hugo's willing, he'll fuck him. Hmmmm, wonder if Hugo would be willing to give a try!!

Just watch as Vic slams Hugo's willing fuck-hole with his fat cock. He doesn't get that Hugo's moans and groans are of pleasure and keeps apologizing for hurting him so much - and then realized that Hugo is really loving it and finishes him off like a jack-hammer. All of a sudden, Vic knows he can't hold back any longer and pulls out - this straight guys tricked and jacks a big load of creamy cum all over Hugo. Check out these two stunning, hot dancers here. Vic is still concerned that he hurt his buddy too much - Hugo just lies and says he didn't realize it could feel so good!!

Hot athletic straight guys tricked

If you love hot straight men, and you love seeing straight guys tricked, Josh is really going to get you hot. He is an athletic guy who is bursting with energy and masculine charm. He loves to turn women on with his hot body and he has a secret passion for making dirty home movies and now wants to take it a step further and become a porn star. These guys made his dream come true... they just didn't tell him it was for you guys!

Josh has a truly lovely face, really cheeky with stunning twinkling eyes. He has a really fit body, with a lovely covering of soft downy hair. He relaxes immediately his kit comes off and he shows his body for the camera in detail, lifting his big balls up to show that sexy hairy area just above his hole. He gets on his knees to let you have a good look at his big muscled ass, and lying on his back he pulls his cheeks apart to show you his tight virgin hole. He gives one of the most energetic jerk-off videos you'll have seen for a long time, shooting a big load of cum over his hairy body. Check it out as this straight guys tricked into showing a hot wank with loads of jizm, watch and download it! Josh is truly a hot straight boy with a hot load to offer!