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Will, fresh-faced, tall, dark and handsome straight guys tricked into sucking cock for the first time - and he is rubbish! Just why does that make it hornier??

Duped Into Sucking First Cock

straight guy tricked into sucking first cock

Will, our straight guy is a fresh-faced, tall, dark and handsome, smooth, tight muscled stud who loves short blond girls with big boobs. Following the director's instruction, Will stripped down along with the bait guy, the hugely hung cutie, Kain, and they both began to work up their cocks and get ready for the shoot. While Kain's eyes are glued to Will's hot body and cock, Will, who's never even jacked off with a buddy, doesn't once even glance at the bait guy.

Will is now all hot and worked up and ready for the girl when the director drops the bad news "the girl isn't coming" er, um, something about her boyfriend not wanting her to do porn. When the director probes Will about doing some guy-guy interaction video so that everyone can go home with a few bucks, watch Will's dick goes down at the speed of light. After some quick money negotiations, Will realized his need for fast cash outweighed his disgust at the idea of gay sex and agreed to do some on cam diddling with another dude. Kain couldn't keep the smile off his face - he loves getting straight guys tricked, plus this guy is tall and hot.

The session started with some mutual crossover jack off followed by Kain going down on Will's hot, hard dick. Then it was switch about, Will had to suck his first dick. If up to this point you think this is a gay guy playing straight, just watch poor Will hold Kain's cock really close to the very tip, obviously to limit the amount of dick he has to put in his straight boy mouth. It's the most amateur blow job you've probably ever seen - which makes it all that much hotter to watch. Now on to the final stage of getting Will to go gay 4 pay - the fucking. See what happens as this straight guys tricked into fucking gay ass, and it's all here in glorious detail! I'm not sure that Will will be back for more - but we can hope!