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Straight Guys Tricked Blog features hot hetero dudes duped into doing dirty deeds with gay guys!


World renowned porn star Doug Jeffries loves getting straight guys tricked and wanted to see if he could star as the bait in a one of the videos. Doug has a great beefy body, big fat uncut cock, and has no problem playing straight. The straight guy is Alexander who is going to school to be an accountant, but with his looks he could do almost anything! He had a great face, perfect smile, dark hair, and hazel eyes. He was a true Adonis. Every inch of his body was bulging with muscles, not too much and not too little. Oh, and the uncut cock on this guy was out of this world! From head to toe Alexander has it going on. Both guys were really hot and horny but there was no female available to work with them - here's the sting, another straight guys tricked!

Once we got the two guys together and naked, Doug started to work his magic. You won't believe what Alexander was happy to do once his cock took control. He let Doug work his cock to a big hard on and gasped as Doug's mouth went down on his cock, taking it fully down his throat. By now, Alexander needed to fuck and didn't give a shit that it was a guy's ass that he was going to shove his throbbing cock into! Phew, it's worth getting straight guys tricked to see the hot suck and fuck action here! Doug got what he wanted and Alexander got what he never thought possible!


Vincenzo is a strong silent type. A former fireman, this straight masculine guy claims he’s always wanted to be in porn, but can barely articulate what kind of sex he likes to have or his turn-ons. For most people that have dreamed about doing porn their whole lives, the opportunity to audition and lay out exactly what they've always fantasized about doing on camera would be easy. Vincenzo can barely do anything more than shrug and state how he likes to fuck. What he has to say is much less important than his towering manly body once this straight guys tricked into being filmed showing his juicy manhole and impressive uncut cock! Now there's a fireman's pole to slide down on!!