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Straight Guys Tricked Blog features hot hetero dudes duped into doing dirty deeds with gay guys!

Straight guys tricked

Attending his first audition, Donatas had the casting director salivating when he first saw his very boyish face and smooth thin body. What really hooked him was Donatas’ confident, macho attitude and he couldn't wait to get going on after this straight guys tricked into thinking the audition would be some questions and maybe just getting his kit off.

Donatas is eager and curious to dive right in to adult films and experience the thrill of fucking on camera. He’s like a delinquent runaway determined to experience whatever filthy sex he can find and stick his ever-hard cock in whatever will satisfy him the most. You'll be really satisfied after seeing what this straight guy gets up to so see how this straight guys tricked into showing his great body, rock hard cock and gushing cum shot. Download this video here. Although he still has some limits at the moment, we reckon these will break down after his first couple of films and he experiences the hedonistic excitement of sex unencumbered by romantic attachments.

Bull-dicked straight guys tricked

It's easier to get straight guys tricked when they've had a few drinks. Jason, the bait guy, meets this hot straight dude, Chad, in a sports bar and told him about his career in porn. Chad was shocked, but not too shocked to take the bait boy up on his offer to be in porn and fuck some hot chicks.

Jason is a young, tall, lean and handsome blond stud who packs a nice thick uncut cock and a beautiful ass that just begs for attention. Chad is your typical hot, young, athletic, cocky, straight guy. He drives a big truck, loves country music and wears cowboy boots. But the best bit is his enormous bull cock that just begged for attention the moment he pulled it out of his pants.

Back in the studio, Chad isn't too happy that the girl was a no-show, but with a little financial encouragement, he had his first sexual encounter with another dude. The jacking, kissing and blow-jobs are hot, but it's the fucking that really shines.

Chad was so hot while porking Jason that he was totally out of control, yelling out all sorts of shit - even saying that it was better than pussy! You'll lose control yourself as another straight guys tricked into ramming another guys ass with his massive cock. Just click on the link. Check out the 'After The Shoot' video and watch how he reacts when he's told what he said when fucking - it's really hot!