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Straight Guys Tricked Blog features hot hetero dudes duped into doing dirty deeds with gay guys!


Jessie Alan is a total stud and a freak in the bed. Who wouldn't want to fuck this guy? He comes across like a smooth gangster and the first thing you notice is his thug love tattoo, well his many tattoos. He had short spiked hair, blue eyes, killer body, and a huge cock! Jessie talks about the girls he fucks in his home town, tells us that they like getting fucked in the ass and he says he's even licked a girl's ass before. Maybe it won't be too tough to get this straight guy fucking another guy in the ass.

Krist Cummings is back again to seduce another straight guy. He loves guys with tattoos, big cocks, spiked hair, and a little rough around the edges. Jessie is the perfect guy for him. If these two hit it off and Krist gets the chance to bottom for Jessie, then you better get the ice packs on standby! Well, the pretence of a hot girl arriving for the session had Jessie really hot and horny - of course she didn't show (was never booked if truth be known!) and this straight guys tricked!! By now his cock is rock hard and totally in control so the idea of some guy-guy sex wasn't too off-putting for him; on the contrary, he went for it big time. See how this straight guys tricked into being guy-sucked, sucking cock and blowing a huge load, here. Now, that's better than he ever did to the hometown girls!


Straight Stud Ricky Martiniz came in to make some extra cash for Christmas. With his good looks he could make a fortune! He's tall, has a swimmers build, dark hair and eyes, great smile, beautiful ass, and big cock! Steven Ponce is back in action as the bait guy. This sexy red head stud has a rockin' body, big bubble butt, fat cock, and he knows how to use it.

Steven was the first to arrive and found a Christmas gift waiting for him. Steven opened it up to find a dildo and lots lube. Ricky showed up next and he was told that they were shooting a 3-way scene. He didn't seem to mind another guy being involved and was actually excited - but then came the bad news...No girl today! Once this straight guys tricked, Steven knew this was his chance and made his move. He got straight down onto Ricky's cock and worked on it with his mouth until it was rock hard. Having worked Ricky up into a cock-driven frenzy, he had no problem getting him to take his fat cock in his mouth and suck it good. By now Ricky was crazy with sex and going for anything so Steven broke out the lube and next thing you knew he was shoving a dildo up Ricky's virgin ass before sticking his own cock in! See how this straight guys tricked into taking a dildo and hot throbbing cock up his virgin ass, here. Looks like Santa gave both guys got a great Christmas present!