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Straight guys tricked - Eddie

We like to get dumb straight guys tricked and this quintessential jock, with his husky voice and trim muscular body is as thick as a doornail! Having already modeled in sports adverts, Edward now wants to branch out into porn and demonstrate his sexual skills. He has a pert hard butt and big muscular thighs from all his football training, and just look at that cock, big and thick with a long floppy foreskin! Thinking he was casting for hetero porn, he didn't think to query why we needed some good close-ups of his straight boy hole - and we're glad about that, it is totally edible! As is the cumload dripping down his legs as this straight guys tricked into jacking out a load for us men! All here at the link. He's definitely got a future in the porn industry.

Straight guys tricked into gay sex

Since this straight guys tricked, he's gone on to make a number of hardcore videos. But, we can bring you the first sexual contact this totally hetero guy had with an other man. It was a massive challenge for this cocky young straight-boy to accept that first man-on-man touch - worse than parachuting out of a plane according to David!

We've got real, raw footage of a very nervous David sucking a cock for the first time - he has to struggle to stretch his mouth wide enough and not gag at the same time. Getting his ass eaten out was OK - until he found out he had to do the same; the look of trepidation of the face of this tough straight boy is priceless. Credit where it's due, David bit the bullet and sucked that hole! David squirmed at the unusual sensation of getting his straight-boy fuck-hole fingered, and when it was invaded by a fully erect cock it was an experience like he'd never had before! Finally, this straight guys tricked into opening his mouth wide and taking another man's creamy load! Real and raw, and available at the link. This guy deserves to be a porno great!