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Straight guys tricked - Lukas's first appearance

Before this straight guys tricked into going full on gay-for-pay, Lukas impressed us all at his initial audition. He's a randy bearded lad who has to cum several times a day. Thinking he was getting into some straight porn, Lukas was more than happy to show off his best assets and this handsome lad stripped down to reveal a nicely toned body, firm muscular thighs, hard muscled butt and a long fat uncut cock. With his legs in the air, Lukas shows off his tight, hairy, straight-boy hole; and with his big, fat, uncut cock in hand this straight guys tricked into jacking a load out for you boys! Check it out here. How far will Lukas go in his man-on-man session - check out Straight Guys Tricked regularly to find out!

Best buddy gets straight guys cock up his ass

Today our bait boy, Darren, is taking his straight guys tricked fantasy a notch higher as he gets a roll in the hay with his childhood friend, straight-boy Jacques. This French Canadian stud has a hot body and an even hotter ten inch cock. These boys were tight buddies at school until Jacques family relocated to another area, Darren having a huge crush on Jacques after getting a sneaky peek at Jacques dick in the school gym stalls. Having kept in touch over the years, when Jacques came to visit him Darren invited him to the studios to shoot a porn video where they double-teamed a chick (ahem!).

After the boys strip down and work their dicks for a while, it's time to break the bad news - no girls are available and the only alternative if for them to make what is, in essence, a full-on gay porn video. Straight boy Jacques is not happy and he's very verbal about being hetero and not doing any gay shit! But, as in all straight guys tricked videos, money is a good incitement to get most straight men to drop their hang-ups and go for it!

From here on it's gay sex all the way and Darren uses his talent deep-throating Jacque's ten thick inches. When it comes to kissing, Jacques just can't do it - but it's really hot watching Darren try! OK, so Jacques wouldn't kiss but was more than happy to get his rocks off and penetrate Darren with his huge cock and hammer at his ass in different positions. Darren is in heaven repeating 'thanks bro' until Jacques can't hold back any longer shoots a massive wad of baby batter all over Darren's chest. This triggers Darren who is frantically jacking off to his straight guys tricked fantasy and shoots a big sticky load all over his belly. For your own straight guys tricked fantasy, click the link. After the shoot Jacques was asked if he'd do it again, he said he would if the price was right - for Darren, fulfilling a lifetime desire is priceless!